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CDM Coordinators

David Wright Associates provide experienced and professional CDM Coordinator services – advice and support for clients, building owners, contractors, subcontractors and other professionals within the building team.

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Brief Summary of the CDM2007 Regulations:

Full information is available in the CDM 2007 Approved Code of Practice: “Managing Health and Safety in Construction” (Document L144 from the Health and Safety Executive download free at

  • Apply to all construction projects.
  • Seek to encourage more coordination and cooperation between duty holders.
  • Impose legal duties on Clients, CDM Coordinators, Designers and Contractors.
  • Impose duties on all the parties involved in a construction project.
  • Emphasise the role of the client.
  • May prove a challenge for clients whose core business is not construction.

For full information on the CDM Regulations see

Notifiable Projects

All building projects are covered by the CDM2007 Regulations, but notifiable projects are subject to additional requirements.

A project is anything which includes construction work and includes all planning, design and management.

Construction work is very widely defined and extends from site investigation to mechanical and electrical installation.

A project may not be split into phases for the sake of making them shorter and therefore making the project non-notifiable.

Notifiable projects are those for non-domestic clients where the construction phase is likely to last more than 30 days or 500 man days. Most commercial projects will be notifiable.

Notifiable projects:

  • The Client must appoint a CDM Coordinator for the project
  • The CDM Coordinator must notify the HSE of the project (usually using a Form F10) following appointment

PreConstruction Information

The CDM Coordinator has a duty to provide this information to the Principal Contractor prior to work commencing on site

The Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan

The Principal Contractor has a duty to provide develop the information provided in the PreConstruction Information document into a coherent Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan prior to commencing construction work.

The Building Manual / CDM 2007 Health + Safety File

The project’s construction records – as- built drawings, instructions, commissioning records, test certificates and schedules etc are collated at the end of the construction work and provided via the CDM Coordinator to the Client to enable the Client to manage the building safely.


The 2007 Regulations impose new duties upon various categories of person, defined as Client, CDM Coordinator, Contractor, Designer and Principal Contractor. All these duty holders have a general set of obligations, and each category has a specific set of obligations.

General Duties

No Client may appoint a CDM Coordinator, a Contractor, a Designer or a Principal Contractor unless he has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the person to be appointed is competent. No such appointment may be accepted unless the appointee is competent.

Every duty holder must cooperate with everyone else working on the project or on any adjoining site. All duty holders must ensure that, so far as reasonably practicable, general principles of risk prevention are applied in the carrying out of the construction work.

The Approved Code of Practice provides guidance on how to assess competence and the CDM Coordinator can assist in the assessment process.