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Health & Safety Advisors

In addition to providing CDM Coordinator services which ensure compliance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, we regularly carry out and provide:

  • Health + safety audits

    We will visit a new client and establish the scope of work that is carried out to determine what regulations apply to the work and what the corresponding level of client compliance is. This information will assist us in preparing a programme of work which needs to be undertaken to achieve proper compliance.

  • Full health + safety management systems for business

    Where a client has little or no formal health and safety management processes we can provide support to develop a suitable system that is appropriate for the business

  • Staff health and safety training in assessing risks and preparing method statements

    We can provide training for key staff as required

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  • COSHH and risk assessments

    These can be provided – either as model documents for clients to use themselves or as final documents

  • Health + safety plans

    We can prepare and update Construction Phase Health and Safety plans for compliance with the CDM Regulations as required

  • Advice and support on health + safety issues

    We will provide telephone advice as a part of our services to our retained clients

  • “Competent persons” services in respect of the Management of Health + Safety at Work Regulations 1999

    Where required we will provide our services as a “Competent Person” as a part of our services to our retained clients

  • Assessments of “competence and resources” of designers, contractors and subcontractors

    We can research and provide advice to clients in respect of the health and safety competencies of proposed CDM dutyholders for their project

  • Regular on-site health + safety inspections and reports

    We regularly visit client’s sites to carry out health + safety inspections and provide written reports as required

Health and Safety Management Systems

Everyone has to deal with health and safety at some time in their working lives.

For many it is all a matter of common sense; for others it’s something to be endured – we all have our views on the importance of health and safety at work.

UK law requires everyone in the workplace to recognize their responsibility and comply with all the current health and safety legislation that applies to their workplace.

Employers have duties to fulfill – each must (amongst other things):

  • have a current health and safety policy and safe working procedures
  • assess and control significant risks
  • communicate with employees and provide training when necessary

Employees, contractors working for you and the self-employed have health and safety obligations too.

Employers with 5 or more employees must have all their health and safety policies and procedures as written documents – revised and kept up to date.

We suggest that documents and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis and updated only when necessary due to changes in regulations or company procedures.

We are experienced in providing compliant Health and Safety Management Systems – including user friendly Method Statements and Risk Assessments.